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GVA hair

Raw cut hair Color 12 GVA hair

Raw cut hair Color 12 GVA hair

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Information about Raw cut hair:
*Raw Donor Hair Cuts 100 gram in each package.
* Hair roots are aligned perfectly; for that hair are stretched through a soft hair holder drawing mat
* Every cut is manually washed to reveal its natural texture.
* We're not applying any chemicals on the hair, don't manually straighten them and not covering them with silicone.
* We guarantee that there would be no hair turned upside down.
* All the hair in each pack are from the same head.
* Our hair won't tangle.
* The natural protective cuticle layer guarantee hair to be smooth and shiny.

*Gold line-100% natural hair from one donor. the best quality.
*Silver line-100% natural hair from different donors. the best value for money.

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