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GVA hair

Clips Ombre 4 and DB2 Color GVA hair

Clips Ombre 4 and DB2 Color GVA hair

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Information about Clips:
*Put on clips for 30 seconds and be awesome.
*A package of clip-on hairs contains a kit of hair-locks. 
*100 gram total each package.
* You can use our hair more than a three year.
* Each lock made of 3-4 double weft tresses tightly sewn on a braid with 2 to 3 clips with silicone pads.
7-part kits:
*We're offering 7-part kits, as well as Simlik.
*Each kit contains seven hair-locks of different width: 2 × 13cm, 2 × 9cm, 1 × 6cm and 2 × 3cm.
2-part kits:
*We're offering 2-part kits as well as Simlik.
*Each package contains two 50g hair-locks of a different width: 1×26cm and 1×22cm.
*The model provides a uniform distribution of additional hair volume, so the hair looks natural and well-balanced.
* Our hair won't tangle.

*We will manufacture this product especially for you and deliver it in 2-3 weeks from Russia for free.

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